History Of Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)™

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ was created in 1995 by dancer, Ann Frederick. Ann’s early successes with FST™ include scientific research at Arizona State University substantiating the benefits of FST™. During the study Ann was able to reduce injuries by 45% and helped ASU’s football team to a Rose Bowl appearance. In 1996 Ann became the first ever stretch specialist in the Olympic games when she helped the men’s wrestling team compete against the Russian’s in the Atlanta games.

From there Ann went on to work with the Arizona Cardinals which launched her Fascial Stretch Therapy™ into the NFL and to three Super Bowls. Since then Ann has been joined by her husband Chris, a Physical Therapist, and together the two have worked with hundreds of elite athletes, opened the Stretch to Win Institute™ and taught thousands of talented practitioners how to bring mobility, flexibility, pain relief and peak performance to so many around the world. In 2017 Ann started working with a team at the University of Arizona Medical school for a new study to show the benefits that Fascial Stretch Therapy™ has on chronic low back pain.

To date, Stretch To Win™ graduates have been fortunate enough to work with and improve the lives of countless athletes, celebrities, corporations, sports teams/organizations, universities and everyday clients around the world.