A customized combination of all I have to offer including assisted stretching, therapeutic massage and much more.

Neuromyofascial Motion Therapy is a fancy technical term for the treatment I use to help my clients stay in motion through addressing their nervous system, their musculoskeletal system and most importantly, their fascial network. This is an active therapy that I’ve developed through my years of knowledge, education and experience. It is my specialty, what I do best and my lead recommendation for most clients, as it has shown itself to be the best way I know how to help my client’s long term.

Clinical assessments, including client intake, detailed history, postural assessments as well as possible tests and measurements are done during the initial consultation and continue during follow up sessions. Treatment plans are developed and updated with the client as sessions progress.

The sessions themselves are a blend of all the modalities I am trained in and all the tools at my disposal. I use all of this interchangeably based on the continual client assessments and will pivot as needed within each session based on what the body needs and allows me to accomplish.
The modalities and tools used during NeuroMyoFascial Motion Therapy include: