A unique and specialized form of science based, assisted stretching.

It’s an active, table based, pain free therapy designed to address a client’s pain, mobility, flexibility and performance. FST™ focuses on stretching your fascial net, your joint capsules and your muscles where 88% of your flexibility can be locked away.

With FST™, my goal is to treat the body globally, as a whole, instead of thinking of localized muscle groups, or thinking of the body as segmented. Fascial Stretch Therapy™ will treat and impact your body’s neuromyofascial (nerves, muscles, fascia) systems. An FST™ session is customized to the client to either relax, or stimulate the body, mind and soul, depending on the client’s goals. The therapy is gentle; the client experiences a stretch awareness, but with proper communication the therapy is pain free.

Sessions start with an intake and assessment to determine what pain you may be experiencing, your range of motion, and perhaps any muscle imbalance or body dysfunction you may be struggling with. Most importantly, we’ll talk about what goals you have for our session, and together we’ll lay out a treatment plan for this and any follow up sessions. The FST™ treatment itself starts with the body’s core, applying traction to create space in and lubricating the joint capsule. From there FST™ stretching techniques will continue through the body, focusing on lengthening, decompressing and releasing various issues in the body. After the session I’ll take time to explain any observations I made and recommendations I may have for you. This could include any self-stretches or daily lifestyle adjustments that will allow you to help yourself between sessions.