The traditional Therapeutic Massage to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress and relax the client.

My signature massage is the definition of a customizable service. Ahead of the service we’ll go through an intake and assessment. Together we’ll discuss your needs and goals and decide what your session will entail. During your massage, I’ll employ techniques learned during my certification work in head, neck, and shoulders, deep tissue massage; sports massage; Swedish massage, and trigger point therapy.

All elements of the signature massage are customizable. Adjusting for more, or less of any of the different modalities is not a problem, so don’t be afraid to ask! The amount of pressure used is your call and completely adjustable during the session. Hot towels and aromatherapy can be added at no charge.

The bodywork during the session can also be customized. Whether you want work through the entire body, more focus on certain areas and less on others, or if you just want your session spent addressing specific areas only. Perhaps you only want focus on your head, neck and shoulders. All are possible and can be worked out during the session intake and adjusted during the massage. At the end of the session I’ll make any recommendations for stretches or other daily adjustments that allow you to help yourself between sessions.